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A Point to Writing
You know that voice in your head that criticises every judgement and decision that you are about to make? What path do you automatically pilot this voice down? Do you first drive every hypothetical situation to its worst conclusion, i.e., loss, failure, humility and/or death? Some of us do, some of us don’t. Forget that [...] Read more – ‘A Point to Writing’.
Fixing Time
Do you have a job? A partner? A family? Hobbies? What commitments are gnawing at you, and what promises have you made? How much time do you really have? Does free time become an ever-elusive myth as we grow older (year-by-year)? Or do we just become poorer at managing our time? The aim of this [...] Read more – ‘Fixing Time’.
Think Versus Learned
“What I think” versus “[W]hat I’ve learned”. Arguably, they are equally important. In my experience, I’ve derived more value from doing and learning (after planning of course), than thinking alone. Two things: If you spend all your time thinking, and none of it doing, you’re either thinking inappropriately, or fear has overcome you. This is [...] Read more – ‘Think Versus Learned’.

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